The vast ecosystem with immense potential to disrupt the industry


Aiming to be the gateway to DeFi derivatives, Antimatter is forging ahead by introducing various products.

Antimatter Finance spreads its wings and launches many products that will revolutionize the industry. They develop options and derivatives products, because these are very complex financial products, difficult to grasp and ignored for as long as possible.

Antimatter’s objective is to introduce derivative products that are simplified and practical to use. By introducing innovative concepts along with attractive UI/UX design, the platform was able to reach a wider audience. With the sole purpose of being the gateway to DeFi derivatives, Antimatter has a lot to offer which will benefit users.

Although they are still in a nascent stage, their strong belief in ever-expanding space has helped them push their levels to optimal limits. Antimatter Ecosystem is structured and conceptualized to bring benefits to its users and ultimately to $MATTER holders as well.

There are a host of products in development like Dual Investment and many more. Coming soon, they will introduce new features such as Recurring Vault which will allow users to automatically invest in their structure products without having to manually subscribe. Users will be able to enjoy high APY rates.

Also, there would be the launch of many other tokens like ETH, LUNA, etc. and Dual Investment will also launch on additional chains like Ethereum, Terra (LUNA), and Fantom. Additionally, to improve their $MATTER Token Utility, Antimatter users will be further incentivized to unlock features on their platform.

Antimatter is also building a DOV for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will be similar to the recursive strategy, with the main difference being that the funds are assimilated into a single vault and not individual orders. The DOV will be on the Ethereum network. There’s a lot more in store that will be unveiled over time, but one thing is clear, Antimatter has come up with a number of effective solutions that will significantly disrupt the industry.


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