The hygienic design of SKF Food Line ball bearing units

SKF Food Line ball bearings improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and increase durability for the food beverage industry

SKF’s innovative food line ball bearing units feature an advanced hygienic design that delivers improved reliability, lower maintenance costs and increased durability for the global food and beverage industry.

Known as the Blue Range, these bearings offer a solution for companies striving to perfect their proactive approach to food safety, which extends to a hygienic design mindset for bearing unit components for food processing equipment. food processing.

A significant increase in food recalls by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is urging companies to proactively address their food safety practices. While practices such as purchasing hygienically designed “food grade” machinery are important, it is equally crucial to focus on contamination risks at the component level. Traditional relubrication, frequent washing with abrasive cleaning agents, and dry cleaning of bearings can cause corrosion and create hidden ways in which contaminants such as airborne droplets, sewage, or contaminated fat develop.

SKF’s blue range has been specifically designed to eliminate these food safety threats and is fully compliant with food safety regulations. With their ingenious hygienic design, these units reduce the risk of bacteria building up in hard-to-clean areas and minimize the spread of bacteria during cleaning.

With an innovative sealing system, high performance bearing grease and full unit sealing capability where needed, these Food Line ball bearings deliver outstanding performance benefits. Subsequently, OEMs are able to innovate the performance and hygienic design of their food processing equipment with bearing assemblies that last longer, are relubrication free and highly cleanable. Additionally, since the bearing units do not require relubrication, there is no need to shut down the equipment to allow for lubrication activities. Less time is also needed to clean excess bearing grease, increasing production uptime and maximizing production opportunities. In addition to eliminating relubrication costs and reducing the frequency of bearing replacement, regreasing and labor costs are eliminated.

The Blue Range also reduces environmental waste; With less hot water needed for cleaning, grease-free wastewater, and components that can be 100% recycled and recovered for energy, companies can foster an environmental culture that focuses on prevention rather than elimination.


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