Pillow block designs are inspired by nature


Pillow block designs are inspired by nature

February 21, 2022

German engineering plastics specialist igus says the design of a new range of flanged bearings is based on the structure of trees. Flattened spokes, like those found at the base of a tree, ensure maximum strength against mechanical stress. According to the company, lubrication-free and maintenance-free plastic bearings are a real alternative to cast iron bearings.

Molded cases with metal ball bearings can suffer in dusty, humid and dirty environments. Heavy contamination and lack of lubrication are responsible for 80% of premature bearing failures in these applications, igus. And there is a risk of metal corrosion.

the polymer pillow block bearings with lubricant-free, chemical-resistant bearing inserts made of high-performance plastics are available in 20, 25 and 30mm sizes, allowing for individual replacements. There are also two and four hole flange stops in 20, 30 and 40 mm versions.

Two design techniques guarantee the robustness of plastic pillow block bearings. First, the fibers and fillers strengthen the plastic to withstand high surface pressures and edge loads, even under continuous loads. And second, the designers have optimized the shape of the housing supports (collars) and avoided constant radii to distribute the forces more evenly, which makes the bearings very strong.

The absence of lubricants reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning and improves environmental protection by eliminating leaks.

Inspired by trees: igus pillow block bearing

Igus has made further additions to its igubal line, including three bearing inserts for imperial measurements, with inner diameters of 1, 1.5 and 2 inches. The price of FDA-compliant iglidur A350 plain bearings will fall by around 50%, as igus no longer relies solely on a turning process to manufacture them from semi-finished products, but now also uses large injection molding. more economical volume. molding.

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