Onyx Unveils Bearing Failure Prediction Kit – reNews


Data analytics and engineering company Onyx Insight has launched a new hardware solution that it claims predicts where and when pitch bearing failures occur in wind turbines.

The ecoPITCH system uses sensor hardware permanently installed in the hub and is able to detect early warning signs of impending pitch bearing failure.

The system uses multiple data streams and advanced signal processing techniques, allowing operators to understand when faults are going to occur in this critical part of the turbine, which the company says is notoriously difficult to monitor.

Product Development Manager John Coultate said, “This is a truly exciting and forward-thinking addition to Onyx Insight’s suite of tools and services, all of which are aimed at improving the efficiency turbines and reduce maintenance costs.

“Pitch bearings are particularly difficult to monitor in real time, and our customers want absolute confirmation of which bearings to change and when. We now have a revolutionary offering to assess and compare damage on any turbine or wind farm , which has the potential to save operators and owners significant capital in unscheduled maintenance.”


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