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‘Match & Tag’ channel service

March 2022
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Modern machines often require chains of exactly the same length to be used in pairs or other multiples. For these applications, BMG specialists recommend Tsubaki’s “Match & Tag” chains, which guarantee a maximum chain length difference of 0.50 mm, regardless of the total length of the chain. Tsubaki’s advanced chain length measurement technology ensures smooth, precise and reliable machine actuation.

“When chains are to run in parallel for transport purposes, it is essential that these chains have a minimum difference in length. If mismatched chains are used, the consequences can be difficult, with errors, twists and slips occurring during operation. These problems occur because chain length has not been verified link by link,” says Gavin Kirstein, Business Unit Manager, Power Transmission Division, BMG. “The difficulties are exacerbated as chains wear and deteriorate with use and although re-tensioning chains provides temporary improvement, repeated re-tensioning significantly reduces the life of the chain. This results in reduced productivity, unnecessary downtime, premature replacement of components and the resulting expense.

Although industry standards for the manufacture of chain components set a tolerance for their length accuracy, the regulations do not cover the assembly of components into complete chains. This means that it is possible for a significant error to accumulate, if a length of chain includes multiple links that are just within tolerance. Some manufacturers solve this problem by sorting their components into two or three accuracy classes, but the possibility of accumulated errors remains.

“To alleviate these issues, Tsubaki pre-stretched chains are supplied by BMG in pairs of matched lengths that are labeled for easy identification and accurate installation,” adds Kirstein. “Our ‘Match & Tag’ service ensures that matched chains are the same length within 0.50mm tolerance, by measuring and matching each individual chain component. For high precision, Tsubaki sets strict tolerances on the physical dimensions of each part of the chain.

“After assembling a full length of chain, the ‘Match & Tag’ process begins with precise length control. Subsequently, the string lengths are matched and labeled together in pairs, or in larger groups if necessary. As a result, these chains offer higher productivity, smoother operation, a cleaner manufacturing environment, minimal downtime and extended life.

BMG’s Tsubaki ‘Match & Tag’ service is available for chains which include BS single pitch sizes RS08B to RS32B, ANSI single pitch sizes RS40 to RS100 (including the heavy duty series) and single pitch sizes double ANSI RF2040 to RF2100 (R-roll, S-roll, HP). Typical applications for ‘Match & Tag’ chains include packaging machinery and lifting functions, for example in accumulator towers used in the steel industry and carpet manufacturing.

In a recent project, BMG was approached by a milk and dairy supplier to solve the problem of cartons falling during packaging and thus contaminating the filling machines. Specialists identified the cause as chains with special attachments that did not work synchronously. After installing two strands of the Tsubaki RS2008B-SS-ATK ‘Match & Tag’ chain, these machines now run smoothly with no interruptions or downtime.

BMG’s national branch network offers technical advice on correct string selection – a critical factor in any power transmission system. For specific applications chains with special materials, coatings and lubricants are available nationwide and to meet exact requirements chains are supplied in all lengths.

For more information, contact Gavin Kirstein, BMG, +27 11 620 7547[email protected], www.bmgworld.net


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