Industrial Sustainability Group and Bearing Distributors, Inc. Forge Strategic Partnership


With Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube products, BDI can help customers achieve up to 20 to 40 times longer lasting lubrication, saving them valuable time and money.

“Both Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube products are plant-based and part of ISG’s sustainability program. With that in mind, we can help our customers act responsibly for both the planet and their bottom line while by reducing their environmental footprint,” said Bud Thayer, vice president. President, BDI Central Region.

Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG), a leading manufacturer of fuel additives, lubricants and makers of Fuel Ox® and Infinity Lube™ products, has announced a strategic partnership with Bearing Distributors, Inc. (BDI) . As the third largest bearing distributor in the United States, BDI has an extensive inventory of bearings, power transmission components, motors, controls and handling products. BDI is also a global company experienced in developing and deploying customized distribution and supply chain solutions for its clients. Through BDI’s field sales and service teams, the company will include the Fuel Ox® and Infinity Lube™ product line as part of its custom service solutions.

“BDI has an exceptional global reputation for providing best-in-class solutions to the toughest and most unique manufacturing challenges,” said Rand Taylor, CEO and co-founder of ISG. “We are delighted that BDI is including the Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube product line as one of its tools when customizing and optimizing its client solutions.”

Fuel Ox Infinity Lube is a superior lubricant that goes above and beyond other conventional competitors. Infinity Lube’s proprietary formula uniquely conditions the metal itself, so no coatings, fillers or other toxic paraffins are needed. This conditioning component uses vegetable proteins to penetrate, modify and harden metal, leaving a newer, stronger surface that is 10 times more resistant to corrosion. It also flattens and smooths metals down to the micron level, helping equipment run more efficiently.

“BDI helps its customers get the most out of the equipment and products they use. Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube products create a seemingly wear-free, corrosion-free and nearly friction-free manufacturing environment. This means customers get the most out of their equipment with minimal downtime,” said Bud Thayer, vice president, BDI Central Region. “With Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube, we’ve found that customers can get 20-40 times longer lasting lubrication, saving time and money. We also appreciate that Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube are plant-based and part of ISG’s sustainability program, right down to its sustainable packaging. With this in mind, we can help our clients act responsibly towards both the planet and their bottom line while reducing their environmental footprint. »

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About ISG

Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) manufactures and markets fuel additives and lubricants to help trucks, ships, heavy equipment and machine operators sustainably improve the energy efficiency, life and performance of their equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, emissions and pollutants. The company’s flagship product, Fuel Ox with Combustion Catalyst, is available in a variety of seasonal and application-specific formulas. Infinity Lube complements Fuel Ox fuel additives with an exclusive formula that lubricates, conditions and hardens metal machine parts, reducing friction and operating temperatures while improving durability and performance.

About BDI

BDI is a global company experienced in developing and deploying customized ISO-certified distribution and supply chain solutions. From 187 locations in 11 countries, BDI serves multiple industries including automotive, primary metallurgy, food and beverage, utilities, pulp and paper, mining and material handling. BDIExpress, the fast and easy online ordering platform for industrial supplies, including bulk orders, is also part of BDI. Bearings, mechanical power transmission, electrical power transmission and motion control, linear motion, pneumatic and hydraulic transmission, industrial, safety and material handling are many product categories that the company supplies worldwide.

BDI employs highly skilled and trained field sales and service teams who specialize in the application of the products and services offered by BDI. The company works closely with its customers to provide cost-effective solutions and value-added services, including technical expertise, technical assistance, repairs and inspections, inventory management, productivity pipeline and management services. some stores. BDI also sells to the general public, industrial customers, municipalities, hospitals, government agencies and distributors.

Since 1965, BDI has been a family business that prides itself on superior service, support and a commitment to building lasting relationships with its clients.


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