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In My Time at Sandrock, getting a bearing is important to get through one of the game’s starting story commissions.

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  • Take over in my time at Sandrock
  • Scrap metal recycling in my time at Sandrock

In order to do a lot of commissions and articles in My time at Sandrock, players will need to collect and craft a wide variety of materials. This includes a metal item called Bearing which is used in one of the early quests in the game.

Take over in my time at Sandrock

The third quest players will encounter in Sandrock will be about Yan and Rocky asking them to create a crane for the abandoned mines. In this quest, called Picking Up the Slack, the builder will have to craft several materials, including the building material called Thick Rope in My time at Sandrock and a bearing.


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Bearings are not made in the same way as in the previous title My time at Portia. Instead of smelting these items, players will need to recycle to get them instead.

The Recycler at Sandrock

The second tutorial quest players will need to complete will be to create a Recycler for their My time at Sandrock Workshop. The builder can then shovel all the trash he finds into the recycler in order to get new, more useful materials. The rebreather is made up of:

  • 3 Wood
  • 2 stone bins
  • 2 grinding saws

Once crafted, the recycler will unlock many new materials to collect.

Scrap metal recycling in my time at Sandrock

In the farming simulation video game called My time at Sandrockthere are several types of scrap that builders will dig up around their new workshop.

  • Scrap Wood – Look for piles of scrap wood that look like broken crates. When recycled, they will turn into useful items like wooden sticks, lumber, and planks.
  • Stone Scraps – Stone Scraps can be found in Rock Piles and Stones. Use a jackhammer to harvest it; the recycler will turn it into bricks, stones and more.
  • Copper Scrap – Copper Scrap can be dug up with a jackhammer in the junk piles just inside the gate of the Abandoned Mines and in the piles labeled “Copper Scrap” nearby. These can be refined into copper bars, copper pipes, and other copper items.
  • Mechanical Scrap – Mechanical Scrap also comes from the junk piles just inside the gates of abandoned mines. These can be refined into mechanical items like Ancient Coins.
  • Scrap Rubber – Piles of scrap rubber look a lot like tires lying around; My time at Sandrock players will first need to upgrade to a Bronze Pickhammer before harvesting them. Rubber items like tubing can come from this waste.
  • Fine Wood Scrap – Fine Wood Scrap can be collected from felled trees and Fine Wood Scrap Heaps. These require a bronze ax to harvest. Get fine wood and regular wood from these.

Mechanical waste can be recycled into old parts as well as bearings. This Mechanical Scrap comes from the Eufaula Salvage Ruins in the area just inside the gate. Here, players of this real-life simulation game will find piles of random trash; use a jackhammer to smash all those scrap items.

My time at Sandrock is available in Early Access for PC.

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