Elden Ring Player shows awesome bell hunter art


An Elden Ring fan shares his illustrations of the game’s formidable Bell Bearing Hunter boss found near various merchant huts in the Lands Between.

The Bell Bearing Hunter is a repeating optional boss in Ring of Elden which can be found randomly at night near certain merchant huts in the game. Their appearance is indicative of something new for Ring of Elden as FromSoftware’s first truly open game, namely the random encounter of the world. There are a few bosses like this that will only appear under certain conditions in specific parts of the game world.

Bell Bearing Hunter’s various bosses are some of the many easily missed secrets in Ring of Elden due to their specific requirements to appear. But players exploring the world of Ring of Elden are likely to encounter Elemer of the Briar in The Shaded Castle, of which the Bell Bearing Hunters are duplicates.


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The Bell Bearing Hunters pose a difficult challenge to players due to their long-range sword attacks coupled with the fact that the player may not be level enough to fight them by the time they are randomly encountered. This makes Bell Bearing Hunters one of the toughest world bosses found in Ring of Elden. However, the Bell Bearing Hunter holds one of the most visually striking armor and weapon sets in the game, and now that iconic look has been captured and shared by an artist on Reddit named DePietro_Draws. The art captures the boss in the middle of his red sword swing, this is his most powerful attack that many players may unfortunately know.

The Briar Armor set perfectly captures the dark fantasy aesthetic that FromSoftware games are famous for. He is a bulky medieval knight bound in rusty barbed wire, who is called briar in Ring of Elden. The barbed wire even runs the length of the Bell Bearing Hunter’s sword, which should tell the player that this boss will do bleed damage. All of these elements are perfectly captured in DePietro_Draws’ artwork, but perhaps most impressive is how the Reddit user captures the vibe of where and when a boss fight against the Bell Bearing Hunter takes place.

As the Bell Bearing Hunters only spawn at night and don’t have a closed boss area, the background of the boss fight is the dark and brooding landscape of the Lands Between. This was perfectly captured in DePietro_Draws’ atmospheric color choice, as well as the towering line of forest trees in the background.

Looking again at the armor design of Elemer of the Briar, one notable design feature stands out. Ring of Elden explains a lot of its fantasy elements through outer gods and magic, but the real-world objects in the game are clearly medieval in design. Barbed wire, however, wasn’t invented until the 19th century, which might astonishingly make the rusted armor of Elemer of the Briar the most advanced real-world item found in Ring of Elden.

Ring of Elden is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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