Elden Ring: How to defeat Bell Bearing Hunter?


Welcome to our “Elden Ring: How to Beat Starscourge Radahn” guide. Defeating Radahn completes the main plot. You can find it instead of Impassable Grace Greatbridge.

How to defeat Starscourge Radahn?

  • Don’t ask for help! You will lose your mount, which is vital for fighting General Radahn
  • Instead, use the Festival to summon lots of allies. They will be hidden behind barriers in the boss arena. It only takes a few seconds to summon them.
  • Radahn will first try to shoot you with purple arrows. On horseback, it is impossible to avoid them. Gallop towards him until he shoots. When he shoots an arrow, dismount and dodge. You should only have to do it twice if you’re rushing at him at full speed.
  • As Radahn approaches, a hail of arrows follows your every move. Get ridden when he does. Get past the onslaught with this.
  • You have cover and it can protect you from harm when he shoots purple arrows. The arrow hits an obstacle and stops.
  • When you get close enough to Radahn, he will start melee fighting you. His strikes and combinations are deadly, so fight him mounted.
  • Radahn’s struggle has three phases. When it reaches 80%, the boss gains ranged attacks and maneuvers that draw you in. Phase 3 starts after you drain half of his health.
  • The boss will fly out of the arena. Keep an eye out for the sky and the burning meteor. If you don’t escape Radahn, you will die. When the meteor hits, run away and double jump.
  • Only his special strike causes his four meteors to attack you. Away from you, he swings his weapon in two directions. It attracts meteorites. You must then drop down and dodge

How to fight Starscourge Radahn?

You have to train hard for this fight. We will need amulets like the Cerulean Amber Medallion (mana), Graven-School Talisman (sorcery), and Stargazer Heirloom (intelligence). You should also have 5 vials of Cerulean Tears and a potion to boost intellect and mana.
As soon as you enter the arena, saddle up your steed. Drag your horse to the boss and charge it. When he does, drop down and dodge. Then start again.
Radahn will start hitting you with arrows and other assaults as you get closer. You must approach him quickly while dodging the arrows.

When you get close enough, Radahn will drop his bow and mount you for melee combat. It’s a wonderful time to cast spells on him. Your best bet is the Magic Glintblade. Because Radahn’s combos are long, this spell allows you to get away from him while casting, with the missiles hitting the boss and dealing massive damage.

The second phase begins when his HP reaches 80%. This gives him new gravity-based attacks. You shouldn’t go near him anymore. He can now produce a shockwave throughout his combos that damages you and your mount.
Radahn can conjure mini meteors. It is impossible to avoid them closely. When he attacks like this, get away and gallop left or right until all his bullets miss you. Meanwhile, keep casting spells.

He will leave the arena when his health drops below 50%. Try to spot the meteor in the sky. To survive, you must escape this onslaught. Run in the opposite direction of the meteor. Double jump to escape Radahn’s evil.
The rest of the fight is the same. Two of his strikes differ. Radahn will conjure four huge meteors. He will have them. Don’t worry when the boss is near. Only fly towards you when the boss is away and swinging his weapons.

At the end of a fight, when his health is low, he does this normally. When the boss moves away from you, go down. Dodge-roll to escape the meteors. The meteorites on the left go first, then those on the right. Get ready to dodge twice in a row.
When the boss gets close and starts a combination, move away and cast Magic Glintblade. You can now damage Radahn without losing health.

What is the reward for defeating Starscourge Radahn?

Defeat Starscourge You get 70,000 runes, the Great Rune of Radahn, and the memory of the Starscourge.

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