Elden Ring: All Bell Bearing Locations


In Ring of Elden, Bell Bearings makes upgrading your gear a breeze. This is because they help you get better access to resources. So we will help you find all Bell Bearing locations at Ring of Elden so you can unlock more merchant goods.

All bell bearing locations at Elden Ring

Before finding all Bell Bearing locations in Ring of Eldenlet’s talk more about these key elements.

Bell Bearings are handy items used to move a vendor’s goods to a new location. When dropped by bosses, enemies, or NPCs, you can collect the Bell Bearing and give it to Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold. This will expand their inventory so you can buy more items from one place rather than going from place to place.

Thus, bell bearings are useful in helping you reduce your travels and get everything you need.

There are more than 40 bell bearings in Ring of Eldengiving you plenty of ways to improve the inventory of Twin Maiden Husks.

Ainsel/Nokstella river, bells of the Eternal City

During your journey you will get 2 bell bearings in the Ainsel River and Nokstella, regions of the Eternal City:

  1. Ghost-Glovewrot Gatherer [2]: In Nokstella, Eternal City, check the chest guarded by Silver Tears.
  2. hermit merchant [3]: From the wandering merchant to the Ainsel river.

Altus Plateau/Leyndell, Royal Capital Bell Bearings

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Locations

If you are heading towards Altus plateau and the Leyndell, Royal Capital Regionsyou can get 6 bell bearings:

  1. Corhyn: For this, head north from Altus Highway Junction to find Brother Corhyn.
  2. hermit merchant [1]: In Leyndell, find the hermit merchant.
  3. Medicine Peddler: On the Altus Plateau, fight the Bell Hunter at the Hermit Merchant Hut.
  4. nomadic merchant [7]: Head west of Altus Plateau to find them.
  5. Forge Miner [2]: When you enter the sealed tunnel dungeon in Ring of Eldenthe Bell Bearing is inside a chest.
  6. Darkstone Miner [2]: In Altus Tunnel, defeat the boss Ringblade and Crystalian Spear.

Caelid/Dragonbarrow bell bearings

Between celid and Dragonbarrowyou will have 6 bell bearings:

  1. Gravitation Stone Peddler: At the Lone Merchant’s Shack in Dragon’s Breach, fight the Bell Ring Hunter.
  2. Gowry: Head to Gowry’s Shack in eastern Caelid.
  3. Lone Trader: Found in Dragonbarrow.
  4. nomadic merchant [9]: If you go to Caelid Highway North, you will find the Traveling Merchant.
  5. nomadic merchant [10]: Near Caelid South, find the Nomad Merchant.
  6. Darkstone Miner [1]: Inside Sellia’s Crystal Tunnel, defeat Fallingstar Beast.

Ruined Farum Azula bell bearings in Elden Ring

Next step for Bell Bearings in Ring of Eldenyou can find 4 in Farum Azula in ruins:

  1. Ghost-Glovewort Gatherer [3]: At the cemetery of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, the Bell Bearing is on a corpse.
  2. forging stone [4]: Obtained in The Godskin Duo.
  3. Darkstone Miner [4]: Shot from a corpse near the balcony site facing Grace’s storm.
  4. Darkstone Miner [5]: In an abandoned temple in the north of the zone, the object is on a corpse.

Limgrave’s Bell Bearings

When you go to Limgraveyou can find 7 Bell Bearings:

  1. Bone Trader: At the Warmaster’s Hut in Stormhill, fight the Bell Ring Hunter.
  2. Gostoc: This bell ring comes from the guardian Gostoc.
  3. Kale: At Elleh Church, you can find it on Merchant Kalé.
  4. nomadic merchant [1]: To the east of Saintsbridge is the Nomad Merchant.
  5. nomadic merchant [2]: If you head down the road between the ruins of Mistwood and Fort Haight, you will see them.
  6. nomadic merchant [3]: For this merchant, check under the rock structure southeast of Coastal Cave.
  7. Patches: In Murkwater Cave, you will find patches.

Liurnia Bell Bearings in Elden Ring

In Lurniayou can get 11 bell bearings:

  1. Blackguard: At Liurnia of the Lakes Swamp is Blackguard Big Boggart.
  2. Iji: Search War Councilor Iji’s anvil.
  3. Lone Merchant [2]: Around Liurnia of the lakes, it is outside the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  4. Meat Merchant: Head to the Church of Wishes to fight the Bell Hunter.
  5. Miriel: At the Church of Vows, find Miriel, Pastor of Vows.
  6. nomadic merchant [5]: Around the Liurnia Lakeside Grace Site, find the Merchant.
  7. nomadic merchant [6]: Under a rocky viaduct, it’s north of Bellum Church.
  8. Pidia: Go to Caria Mansion for Pidia.
  9. Seluvis: At Seluvis’s Rise, collect Seluvis’ corpse.
  10. Forge Miner [1]: Defeat the Crystalian Boss.
  11. Thops: Collect this from Thops’ corpse.

Peaks of the Bell Bearings Giants

Elden Ring Bell Bearing Locations

Around Peaks of the Giantsyou will find 4 bell bearings:

  1. glove picker [2]: Found by Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  2. hermit merchant [2]: Find the hermit merchant in the area.
  3. Forge Miner [3]: This is located in the ruins of Zamor.
  4. Darkstone Miner [3]: Outside the First Church of Marika, search the corpse.

Bell bearings from Mount Gelmir to Elden Ring

Once arrived at Mountain. Gelmiryou can find 2 bell bearings:

  1. glove picker [1]: In the Wyndham Catacombs, this is found with the Erdtree Burial Watchdog.
  2. nomadic merchant [8]: In the area you will find this merchant.

Siofra/Nokron River, Bells of the Eternal City

For 2 bell bearingsyou can search Siofra River and Nokron, Eternal City:

  1. Abandoned Merchant: Near the Siofra River Ruins, you can get the Bell Bearing.
  2. ghost glove [1]: Near Nokron Lookout, Eternal City, collect the corpse.

Weeping Peninsula Bell Bearings at Elden Ring

Within the weeping peninsulaThere are 3 bell bearings:

  1. Lone Merchant [1]: Find the lone merchant in the area.
  2. nomadic merchant [4]: Near the Château du Morne Rampart Site of Grace, find the merchant.
  3. Sellen: Around the Witchbane Ruins, find the Witch Sellen.


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