CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Series adds transmission, bearing cleaners and greases


CeramicSpeed’s UFO line just expanded to include two new categories, cleaners and greases, to make your bike ride faster than ever. The cleaners remove grime and any wax buildup from their UFO Drip lubes and treated chains, as well as cleaning the bearings to prepare them for three new condition-specific grease options.

CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Clean

ceramicspeed transmission cleaner for waxed chains and bike bearing degreaser and cleaner

UFO Clean Drivetrain Spray is a biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaner for removing grease and old wax lube from your chain, cassette and chainrings. The 1-liter spray bottle sells for $32 and is meant to be sprayed directly onto transmission parts.

Saturate the parts, then let them sit for three minutes to break down the gunk, but they recommend trying not to overspray the disc brake pads. Then just scrub as normal, being careful to get into the roller links of the chain, where they say you’ll get the maximum efficiency gains from cleaning and relubrication. Let it sit for a few minutes and it should repel grit, grime and old wax to the surface, then spray it on, let it sit again, then wipe it off once it looks finished .

UFO Clean Bearings ($30, 100ml bottle) is a dropper-applied degreaser specifically designed for bearings, from BBs to headsets, hubs to pulley wheels. It can be applied directly to the bike, letting it sit for about five minutes to break down the old grease. Then use compressed air (box or air compressor) to remove the old grease. Rinse a second time with cleanser, air rinse again, then apply one of the new greases below…

CeramicSpeed ​​UFO Grease

ceramicspeed low friction bearing grease

CeramicSpeed’s entry into bearing grease comes in three flavors, giving you options for the type of riding you’ll be doing.

Multi-purpose grease: Designed to accommodate the maintenance of CeramicSpeed ​​bearings, the multi-purpose grease should maximize the life and performance of your bearings. It is a low to medium viscosity lubricant that makes the difference between friction reduction and durability. It is primarily intended for dry road riding conditions, but will work for off-road applications where there won’t be much mud or gravel potential. They recommend 60-80% infill (check out the UFO Clean Bearing demo video for a visual of this)

Long-lasting grease: This provides the best protection and longest life for your bearings, even in the toughest driving conditions. It is intended for wet conditions, off-road riding or use on uncoated bearings. It is a medium viscosity with a slightly higher coefficient of friction than All Round grease. Recommended fill rate is 70-100%, depending on weather conditions and driving application.

Race day fat: Race Day is for short or track time trials, designed to provide the lowest possible friction thanks to the Dynamic Viscosity Transformation (DVT) technology used in its formula. So… what is DVT?

From CeramicSpeed: “When CeramicSpeed ​​Race Day Grease is subjected to the high pressure at the contact point between the ball and the race, the Race Day Grease instantly changes its state to a lower kinematic viscosity, similar to that of a lightweight oil. DVT technology offers the best of both worlds for the rider – the low friction properties of a lightweight oil combined with the longevity of a lightweight grease. This grease is ideal for ceramic bearings and also suitable for steel bearings When greasing bearings the recommended fill rate is 25-30% on the road and 15-20% on the track Relubrication is required more frequently when using Race Day Grease .

The retail price ranges from $20 to $35, depending on the formula. All products are available now.



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